Are you being ripped off?

How much is downtime costing you?

Uptime in terms of heavy machinery means time when the machine is operational and productive, right? So, if a hydraulic hose was to let go on one of your machines, what would the financial cost of downtime be?  

What if the operator could quickly make a replacement hose, was carrying a spare, or even better; the worn hose was replaced when the machine was already out of action being serviced? 

BOA is helping Loggers and Civil Contractors throughout New Zealand increase #hydraulic_uptime through innovation and challenging the status quo. 

We believe business owners using traditional hydraulic hose maintenance systems are being ripped off. They’re paying too much and experiencing unnecessary downtime. 

We empower business owners to take back control. The BOA team steps you through the transition in a hands-on manner, helping you set up to confidently and competently make your own hydraulic hoses, then following through with ongoing support.  

Join the revolution, don’t get ripped off – it’s easy!