Quality as a baseline.

The BOAforce fittings factory is committed to zero defects. Our goal is to provide extreme quality and consistent user experience to customers.

We design and manufacture our fittings to exceed relevant international standards, and the supreme Cr. Zinc surface treatment guarantees a long-lasting service life for our hydraulic fittings, even in corrosive environments.

Compatibility ensured.

BOAforce fittings come complete with factory recommended crimp specifications according to various hoses of industry standards such as EN 853 2SN, ISO 187752 and more. This includes specific testing on samples of Yokohama Exceed ISO 187752 42MpA and Yokohama Exceed ISO 187752 35MpA hose.

Over and above this BOA has subjected the entire range of Yokohama hose stocked by BOA, assembled with BOAforce fittings, to pressure testing to at least 3x the working pressure of the assembly.

Performance achieved.

BOAforce non-skive, permanent, crimp style hydraulic fittings are easy to choose and easy to use! Compact, one-piece design delivers better value and reduced complexity & negates the risk of collar misalignment

Couple this with strict QC controls at factory level and performance is achieved.