BOA Offering

Are you experiencing problems with your current hydraulic hose service supplier?

  • Increasing & expensive hose repair bills?
  • Premature failure of the hoses?
  • Weeping oil at the fittings?
  • Supply issues and delays?
  • Excessive loss of hydraulic oil?

We Believe business owners using traditional

hydraulic hose maintenance systems are being ripped off.

They’re paying too much and experiencing unnecessary downtime.

Experiencing any of the above? Contact BOA to increase your #hydraulic_uptime & experience significant savings!

BOA reduces downtime, risk and costs for hydraulic users to improve their profitability. We put the control back with you.

The transition from traditional methods is easy; BOA staff are hands on through the process including providing comprehensive training including a follow up program to ensure your staff are competent to make hoses safely.

Join the revolution, cut yourself free – it’s your money.