BOApod sparks interest in the Civil Community

What better way to find out how people like to work and what’s important to their business than to go where they go, BOA did just that by attending the Civil Conference in Rotorua.
BOA saw this as a great opportunity to hear from Civil contractors directly about the challenges they face when building the projects of New Zealand. The team had a chance to meet many of the attendees and discuss how they manage teams and suppliers when it came to hydraulic hoses.

Here are the key messages the BOA team heard:

  • The importance of keeping team members safe on worksites.
  • The pressures of meeting project deadlines
  • The frustration waiting for mechanical, engineering & hydraulic repairers, and the impact this had on timelines.  

Many civil construction sites have multiple teams in one area so having a machine out of action for one team can have a knock-on effect to others and the overall progress of the project. The BOA team are very aware of this pain point, which gave them a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of the BOA onsite hydraulic hoses repair and maintenance solution, a game changer for many businesses. Their discussions around repair and maintenance costs, opportunities to save money and improve productivity really struck a chord with attendees.

Many speakers at the event encouraged attendees to challenge the way they were working – ‘look at all elements, personnel, machinery, cost management and suppliers, what could be done more efficiently and smarter?’
Employee retention and up-skilling was a key topic. Keeping staff that are familiar with machinery repair and maintenance and have valuable extra skills, are worth their weight in gold to a company.

Simon Bridges listens as BOA Director Greg Boakes explains the BOApod

Many attendees were interested to hear about BOA’s offering of up-skilling staff to do their own hydraulic hose repair and maintenance and took time to head outside to see BOA’s latest innovation, the BOApod.

Simon Bridges, Leader of the Opposition, was very keen to hear about this patent pending design, discussing the need within the Civil and Forestry industries to keep downtime to a minimum.

At BOA we are continually learning from our customers and responding to their changing needs and working environments. Like the Forestry industry the Civil sector are always looking for smarter more efficient ways to do business and so BOA will continue to work with the industry to supply the best possible products and service.

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