Cutting costs with blown hoses

Forest machines suffering a blown hose can now be back at work in as little as 30 minutes thanks to an innovative and simple solution developed by BOA Hydraulics.

NZLogger standing in front of mobile hydraulic set-up

The family business, based north of Auckland in Silverdale, describes its hose and maintenance repair solution as a game changer, because it doesn’t involve long waiting times for an external repairer to drive to the forest site.

BOA has come up with an on-site hydraulic hose repair and maintenance crimping system that can be run and managed by the logging crew themselves.

The ability for crew to repair blown hoses or replace them before they blow, can be the difference between a profitable operation or a headache in lost productivity, says the company.

The idea was sparked after talking with loggers who expressed frustration with waiting times for repairers and expensive repair bills that follow, all adding to the cost of downtime for machines and staff.

“With many forestry locations being remote from major suppliers, the downtime from a blown hose or hydraulic failure can add up to several hours, which not only has an effect on productivity but also on wider issues such as Health & Safety and the Environment,” says Simon Boakes, CEO, BOA Hydraulics.

“Our pro-active approach takes these factors into consideration and by reducing the number of hoses that fail in service this will in turn reduce the amount of hydraulic oil spillage.

“BOA’s own research with existing customers has shown that based on a conservative average of oil spilled per hose blown in service, savings of at least 80 litres per crew per month can be achieved. And we think we can improve on this number.”

BOA has teamed up with well-known brands such as Yokohama and Silfo to offer trusted hose and fittings as part of the service.

“One of the great advantages for BOA is that we source many of our hose and fittings directly from the manufacturers, so we’re able to pass the savings directly on to the customers,” says Mr Boakes.

With three generations and over 55 years experience, the Boakes family has established nationwide coverage, with depots in both the North and South Island as back-up.

– NZ Logger Magazine, Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 Edition.