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After launching an on-site hydraulic hose repair and maintenance service that enables crews to make fixes themselves in a fraction of the time and cost, BOA has now introduced a new idea that makes the job easier for crews to handle.

And what’s more, crews can achieve similar results to those coming out of the original factory.

It’s called the BOApod, and is a mobile Hose Repair and Maintenance Facility that enables hoses to be assembled following the same principles used in the assembly of the machine. Claimed benefits are immediate hose replacement, significantly improved hose life and increased machine and staff uptime’

For the past 5 years, the people behind BOA Hydraulics, Brothers Greg and Simon Boakes, have offered an alternative to the mobile service model, allowing contractors the ability to repair and maintain their own hydraulic hoses onsite, using products supplied by BOA.

To make that process easier, BOA has put together a mobile facility that houses the German-made precision crimping and cutting machinery in a trailer-based unit it calls the BOApod. 

The company says thetough and robust construction is built to handle the sort of conditions experienced in the forest, combined with dustproof and sterile materials to reduce hose contamination.  It says the BOApod is easy to use, with additional safety elements such as low voltage machinery, lighting, lockable compartments and all designed to be at an ideal safe working height. 

BOA’s understanding of the forestry industry, based on many years’ experience, led to impressive design features being incorporated such as an easy hose handling system, a lightweight high-density polyethylene moulded body and aluminium internals for a quality finish and ample storage for spare assembled hose and fittings. A huge under-body drawer give capacity to take away old hoses from site, which helps protect the environment and fits with their own zero-contamination goal, says BOA.

With an eye for total quality, even the European torsion suspension and braking system on the trailer has been built to ensure customers can rely on the BOApod regardless of where it is towed and used. 

BOA has partnered with quality hose supplier, Yokohama, to be the key New Zealand distributor for its products. The company believes that this latest innovation in hydraulic hose repair and maintenance is a step-change to the way contractors manage their crews and machines, and says it is looking to bring other innovations to the market in the very near future.

Article NZ Logger June 2019 page 12 & 25

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