Cost Effective Hydraulic Hose Fittings


All our hydraulic hose fittings have been designed and manufactured to reduce downtime and overall cost. Partnering with BOA to make your own hydraulic hoses using our state-of-the-art programme can mean a saving of 40% – 60% on the cost of your hydraulic hose bills.

Our 1-piece hydraulic hose fittings are easy-to-choose and easy-to-use, with no risk of collar misalignment, and include non-skive 1-piece J-Series for multi-spiral hose, and K series for 1-wire or 2-wire braid hose.

Our hydraulic one-piece ferrules features:
• Raw material steel with fittings made from C45 grade & ferrules made from C20 grade. All fittings are CNC machined with no cut and welding in the process to make flange fittings. BOA one-piece hydraulic ferrule fittings are hot forged and heated to 800°C, this process produces a more consistent, stable and stronger product.

• A superior plating process with chromium zinc plating and rust-tested in a salt spray booth for 600 hours.

• Rings on BSP fittings. O rings for our one-piece hydraulic ferrule fittings are supplied from Germany and fitted in the factory. The O ring creates a double assurance seal to accommodate for variances in the matching BSP cone seats, generating a no-leak connection.

Our products, including our hydraulic hose fittings, and services are guaranteed to improve profitability, lower the risk to operator’s health and safety, and are better for the environment. We offer an affordable game-changing customer experience that aims to reduce downtime and provides inventive solutions to the challenges machinery operators face on-site every day.

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