Hydraulic one-piece ferrule fittings you can trust to get the job done

As part of our commitment to supplying quality products and services, our hydraulic one-piece ferrules offer outstanding reliability and a high degree of safety for high pressure hydraulic hose applications.

BOA’s one-piece premium swage fittings are making their mark everywhere. They’re designed and engineered from some of the world’s best innovative genius, using uncompromised raw materials and a high-tec forging processes to produce a world-class product to withstand the most demanding of applications and environments. With no risk of collar misalignment, your hydraulic machines cannot afford to be without them.

The team at BOA have formulated a ground-breaking #hydrauli_uptime programme that is ideally suited to those industries that use highly mechanised hydraulic machinery. Using innovative technology and cutting-edge product design and manufacture, we give you the tools and training to make your own hoses, manage inventory and schedule maintenance. Replacing hoses before they blow saves time and money, is safer for your operators, and protects the environment.

For more information about hydraulic hose solutions or our range of ferrules and which hoses they suit, please get in touch with our friendly team who are more than happy to help you.

Our Products

  • Ferrules to Suit Multi-Spiral Hose

    Ferrules to Suit Multi-Spiral Hose


  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Ferrules

    Stainless Steel Hydraulic Ferrules


  • Ferrules to Suit Thermoplastic & Teflon Hose

    Ferrules to Suit Thermoplastic & Teflon Hose


  • Ferrules to Suit 1 & 2 Wire Braid Hose

    Ferrules to Suit 1 & 2 Wire Braid Hose