Innovation in the Hydraulic sector

Hydraulics, although an ancient science, is in a constant state of innovation. If we look at the incredible history of Hydraulics, the first notable attempts to understand the laws of fluid motion were undertaken by the Greeks who later designed hydraulic equipment such as the piston pump, water clock and screw pump.

Today, however, international research continues at an accelerated pace, as our world faces many problems, social and environmental. Already engineers and scientists are facing new and challenging hurdles that place the highest demands on their skills. We could all spend hours on the internet looking at impressive equipment that uses hydraulics, but instead, we’ve picked out one of our favourites to share with you; ‘Walking Diggers’.

The ‘Mobile Walking Excavator’ by KAISER (shown in the below video) isn’t an excavator in the traditional sense; because its strengths enable it to venture where other excavators are unable to go. It’s stable on steep slopes, in a metropolis, swamps & streams or New Zealand’s demanding forestry sector, all because of its high level of cab levelling.

To put things into perspective, and to see what these ‘Walking Diggers’ are actually capable of (or maybe just for fun!) check out this video to watch these Germans put a walking digger up against a Panzer!

So, what does the future of walking technology look like?

Currently, complete ‘walking’ technology is too slow moving to be competitive, which is how the ‘Walking Digger’ concept came about. This doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been attempted, though! John Deere developed a walking harvester in the 1990’s as a prototype, but it never went to production according to this 2012 Fox News article.

The military also attempted to use walking technology in military applications to carry equipment, but it was too noisy:

While walking technology may be a while away yet, looking back at the advancements made in the hydraulics industry since it’s very early years, evolutionary improvements have boosted performance. The steady stream of advancements in the industry promises to keep hydraulics a viable and modern technology well into the future.

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