Insight in Yokohoma

Yokohama is a leading supplier of automotive and industrial products and is unrivaled in their field. With over 100 years of proven quality and reliability, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most sought-after hydraulic hose suppliers in the world. Their products are governed by the most severe testing in the market exceeding the stringent requirements of global excavator giants. In fact, Yokohama is the hydraulic OEM supplier to Hitachi, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kato and many more large, well-known brands. You’ve probably noticed their hoses on many new imported machines in the NZ market.

They’re passionate about creating a culture of excellence by exceeding customer expectations in the areas of quality, cost, delivery, and service. From design concept to mass production, Yokohama can provide the best resources, products, and support to exceed expectations.

The Yokohama product range includes their world-famous tires, tubes and hose assemblies, sealant products, as well as a variety of industrial products including hydraulic hose assemblies, conveyor belts, marine hoses, and marine fenders.

Yokohama is a key provider of Industrial Products. Their premium line of industrial products includes made-to-order premium conveyor belting and hydraulic hoses for heavy industrial equipment. They also serve the marine industry with pneumatic fenders and marine hoses.

Yokohama also serves the automotive industry with a quality hose and tube assemblies carrying a variety of fluids and vapors including air conditioning, transmission oil cooler, power steering, as well as engine and turbo applications.

Yokohama has a strong focus on:

  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Exceeding customer expectations in quality, cost, delivery, and service
  • Caring for the environment around their manufacturing locations to reduce environmental impact

In the below video, you can learn more about Yokohama and the wide scope of their offering:


If you’re interested in the reading more about Yokohama and their range of products, head on over to our Yokohama Brand page.

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