Making better use of space

“Since making the switch to BOA, we have made significant savings in our hydraulic hose costs. Albert and the BOA team were very proactive and hands on with the initial set up of our hose room and have continued to back up their products with excellent and efficient customer service and knowledge.” – Tony, Canterbury Logging Contractor

Making better use of an existing space was certainly true for Tony, a Canterbury based heavy mechanic and logging contractor.

When Tony started out on the journey of setting up a hose facility he already had the room, but it was already full!

This was no obstacle to the BOA team, as we have always been very proactive in partnering with our clients and ‘getting our hands dirty’ to make sure the set up and onboarding is a total success.

Now a fully stocked and functioning hose facility, the room is saving Tony thousands of dollars of machine downtime in his forestry operations, as well as significantly reducing hydraulic hose costs for the mechanical side of his business.