New ways for servicing hydraulic repairs

With the BOApod you can manage hydraulic hose repair & maintenance when and where you need it in a low contamination, ergonomic environment.

Whether servicing your own fleet or adding hydraulic hose repair & maintenance to your skill set, the BOApod is the solution to reducing machine downtime.

Read about some of the latest BOApod deliveries.

GTT Mechanical, Cambridge – BOApod UTE

Cambridge based GTT Mechanical are now even more mobile to service the Waikato region with their new tailor made BOApod Ute. The specially adapted version of the BOApod unit for Hydraulic hose repair and maintenance, means that GTT Mechanical are now able to service a greater variety of customers when a hose blows or for hydraulic hose preventative maintenance. This Ute unit includes the European cutting and crimping machines, along with a fully automated hose reel system, the required hose and fittings, ample storage and lighting for night work . BOA Regional Representative Albert Boakes was stoked to deliver this to the hard working GTT team.

South Engineering, Invercargill – BOApod

Invercargill based company South Engineering has added a BOApod Hydraulic hose repair & maintenance facility to their service offering. SouthEngineering specialises in all general engineering, commercial/ farm equipment repairs, manufacturing skip bins and alloy fabrication. They now have the ability to repair and conduct preventative maintenance on hydraulic hoses. Oscar Boakes, BOA representative was excited to hand this over to Dan and his team

Agrituff Engineering Services, Stratford – BOApod

Stratford based trailer and engineering services company Agrituff are adding mobile hydraulic hose repair and maintenance to their service offering with an addition of the BOApod to their fleet. The team have at their finger tips the tools and hose & fittings required to carry out hydraulic repairs as well as preventative maintenance. Kane is keen to offer customers this service when taking care of their parts, oils, welding and agricultural tyres & rims. 

Taieri Plains Mechanical, Dunedin – BOApod

Taieri Plains Mechanical, based in Dunedin, has just taken delivery of their new BOApod unit, the latest in Hydraulic hose repair & maintenance.
This BOApod means Taieri Plains Mechanical now has a complete mechanical & hydraulic repair and maintenance offering, saving their customers time and money.
BOA Hydraulics delivered the unit, trained the team and highlighted the following features: German-made precision crimping & cutting low voltage machinery, remote controlled motorised hose handling system,Yokohama hose, contamination free hose assembly, lockable compartments and more.

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