Putting the Solution where the need is

Having a hydraulic hose manufacturing facility right where the machinery is located is the ideal situation for minimising downtime when a hose fails.

That is why this logging contractor based near Pukekohe chose to convert half their site container into a fully functional, efficient and professional hose facility.

With the stock and machine capacity to make hoses up to 1-1/4” multi-spiral, the contractor proves that even a relatively small space can make all the difference in making significant financial savings from dramatically increasing machine uptime.

The other half of the container serves as a workshop and storage facility, the container can move from site to site as the crew moves around projects.

As with all set ups BOA was hands-on through the entire process, delivering and installing the set up, providing complimentary labelled parts bins, training the clients to safely make hoses and following through with great customer service and follow up site visits.

BOA hydraulic uptime expert, Albert, says “It’s very satisfying to see such a tidy, efficient and well set out hose shop come together and knowing that it will save the customer thousands of dollars in the coming months”