Rethink and Restart Your Hydraulic Hoses Repair and Maintenance

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Contractor Magazine, September 2019 –

BOA Hydraulics is leading the way when it comes to self managed, onsite hydraulic hoses repair & maintenance, and their latest patent pending innovation takes into consideration the environmental conditions and challenges faced by the civil, construction and forestry industries.

Since 2006, Simon and Greg Boakes  have had an ear out in the hydraulics industry. With over 55 years’ collective experience, they heard one message very clearly; contracting businesses, particularly in the civil industries, felt they were being penalised by downtime with little control over changing this model. ‘It’s that moment your digger blows a hydraulic hose and you’re sitting waiting for a mobile hose repairer to arrive watching the time go past and deadlines slip.’ “Clients were saying, this could take up to four hours, depending on the location” says Simon Boakes, BOA CEO

BOApod onsite hydraulic hose repair and maintenance

For the past 5 years, BOA Hydraulics, have offered an alternative, allowing contractors the ability to repair and maintain their own hydraulic hoses on-site, using cutting and crimping machines combined with quality hose and fittings, in a container workshop or Ute setup.

Not content with only offering two setup options, BOA wanted to make the process even easier and more flexible for customers working across multiple sites. This lead to the development of a mobile facility that houses the German-made precision crimping and cutting machinery in a trailer-based unit, it calls the BOApod. This solution is easier than ever to implement, now it is turnkey and offered as a low cost rental ensuring no heavy start up cost.

The company says the tough and robust construction is built to handle the sort of conditions experienced across civil sites. A lightweight high-density polyethylene molded body and aluminum internals, along with European torsion suspension and braking system on the trailer, ensures customers can rely on the BOApod regardless of where it’s towed.

BOApod easy hose handling system on one side, crimping machine & set up on other

One of the impressive design features of the BOApod is an easy hose handling system. This motorized system allows greater control of each individual hose reel. The motors are connected by a handheld remote control system that individually energises one motor at a time; through a ring gear and sprocket drive chain.

This design protects the health and safety of the operator by removing the need for heavy lifting & straining, whilst also maintaining a contamination free hose assembly site- so new hoses never touch the ground.

The BOApod includes numerous additional safety elements such as low voltage machinery, lockable compartments, flood lights for night work, with all work surfaces designed to be at an ideal safe ergonomic height.

In all this development BOA has not forgotten about the environment. The BOApod includes ample storage and a safe stow bin for old hose and fittings to be collected from site, a design consideration implemented in line with BOA’s own zero-waste goals.

BOA believes there is a better way to do things and encourages business working with heavy machinery to challenge themselves on the way they repair and maintain their hydraulic hoses, knowing its not to late to Rethink and Restart.

This article appeared in the September 2019 issue of CONTRACTOR magazine,