Setting up to suit any situation

Here at BOA we recognize the diversity of our customers and understand their different needs, so this month has been busy with a variety of set up options.

Container in the Bush

We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to setting up the BOA Hydraulic Machine Crimping solution.

Central Workshop

To tackle this challenge, we have been working closely with our customers to set up the best work-space that suits their style of work, all contributing to less downtime and better productivity.

This has been done with onsite containers in the middle of the bush, a workshop in the center of town, a set up on the back of a trailer and a Ute going from job-site to job-site.

Our customers have been very happy with our flexible approach and love the fact we have taken the hassle out of a setting up in sometimes tricky locations.

Large Workshop in Warehouse

To stay ahead with preventative maintenance and repairs it is key to have all your tools at your fingertips, so a custom set up helps to keep your team on track and in control.

Don’t be afraid to talk to BOA about how we can work with your location or current work place set up; we can work together on a solution.

NEWS ALERT – stay in touch with our blogs to get a first glimpse of an exciting new set up option.

Trailer Unit Wherever it is Needed