Start Now, Start Right!

Replacing a hose during scheduled downtime can save costly disruptions to production.

What better way to start the year than to get into the good habit of preventative maintenance on your valuable machinery investment?

There is nothing worse than having a hose blow at that crucial moment in the working day, setting you back minutes, hours or sometimes days.

Whilst we all know this can happen and it is hard to predict, keeping on top of your machines with preventive measures such as hose replacement by inspecting for external cuts or abrasion and after a designated number of hours, can mean the difference to a smooth-running machine and a machine out of action.

Many of BOA’s customers report back to us that they have made significant savings across all their machines and profits are up by using their BOA cutting and crimping machines to make replacement hoses and working to a preventative maintenance programme. Don’t you think your hard working machines deserve a little TLC?

With preventative maintenance on your hoses you can avoid:

  • Potential downtime of your machines, and extra hours to catch up
  • Premature failure of the hoses
  • Weeping oil at the fittings
  • Unbudgeted expenses from out sourced repairers
  • Excessive loss of hydraulic oil, which can effect our environment
  • Other parts of the machine being affected by blown hoses

Here at BOA we not only supply the Hydraulic Crimping machines but we have the expertise to help you get the right hose and fittings for the right machine, and give you the best price. We source our top quality hoses, like Yokohama, direct from the supplier so you benefit from those direct savings. You may use extra hoses with preventative maintenance but overall you will still save time and money.

Check out the set up below, this customer is all prepared for preventative maintenance and an unexpected hose blow. Call us today to discuss your options 0800 20 20 20

This customer is all prepared for preventative maintenance and an unexpected hose blow