“So, if a machine breaks down and blows a hose, bang; within half an hour you have the machine up and going again. Whereas to call a hose doctor, that’s anywhere between 1/2 to 3/4 hour away, if they’re available, your machine can be down for at least 2 hours, so i think downtime is going to be our biggest benefit.”
RobNorthland Logging Contractor
“It's a great working relationship with the team at BOA - We place the order, get what we've ordered, on time and at half the cost of using a hose doctor”
LarsNorthland Logging Contractor
“Since making the switch to BOA, we have made significant savings in our hydraulic hose costs. Albert and the BOA team were very proactive and hands on with the initial set up of our hose room and have continued to back up their products with excellent and efficient customer service and knowledge.”
TonyCanterbury Logging Contractor
“The two areas we save the most is the uptime of our machines – our machines are going all the time, and that alone is huge. When the machines are broken down, no money. Another place that we do save is in the cost of the hoses, I’m saving up to 50% on some other suppliers, so that’s good for me and good for my pocket!”
RonTaupo Based Logging Contractor
“We chose to work with BOA as a supplier of kit-set hoses because they had a great track record of reliability and can-do attitude.

“We have been working with BOA for over two years and found that the service matches the promises and they seek to add value to our business at any opportunity.”

IsaacManawatu Business Director
“Once we were presented with the huge cost savings, seen the quality of their products and the efficiencies by making our own hoses we moved over to BOA.

The transmission over to BOA was easy and we were fully supported through the process of the crimper & stock set up by the team. I’ve found all the staff at BOA very easy and a real pleasure to deal with, they are always friendly and on the other side of the phone for any technical support we require. I would certainly recommend BOA to other companies.”

DavidWorkshop Supervisor