The industry is buzzing…And so is BOA!

The latest industry event HarvestTech 2019 in Rotorua was the place to be this June with everyone from Loggers to Forestry Managers, Health & Safety personnel to Suppliers.

The BOA team was excited to tell the story of how BOA has turned the industry on its head with its alternative to the mobile hydraulic hose repairer. The onsite ability for a logging company’s own crew to repair and maintain their hydraulic hoses has given BOA customers time and profit back to their business.

HarvestTech was a great place to introduce to the industry the third option in onsite hydraulic hose repair and maintenance, the BOApod. This innovative alternative to the mobile hose repairer, gives the loggers hoses champion the ability to service multiple crews no matter how remote the location, allowing the business to turn wasted time waiting into profit filled trucks.

BOA CEO, Simon Boakes, presented to a packed auditorium how RETHINKing and RESTARTing the way businesses manage their Hydraulic hose repair and maintenance could benefit not only their bottom line but also their staff and expensive hydraulic machines.  Following his presentation there was a steady stream of visitors outside to see how the BOApod operated. To learn more about the BOApod click here.

To hear more about the BOApod and future innovations from BOA listen to Simon’s presentation below

If you were unable to make HarvestTech and want to talk to BOA about how you can turn wasted time into profit give the team a call on 0800 20 20 20, they are here to help.

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