The first BOApod out the door at BOA.

Do you ever ask yourself “Where does the time go?” How can I create more time to achieve tasks and have with friends & family?

Here at BOA we believe we have a solution that helps contractors in your industry to “turn wasted time into profit.”

Since the 1950’s, companies have had little choice but to use an external supplier to repair and maintain their hydraulic hoses. This has meant large repair bills, increased hose and fittings costs and more importantly wasted downtime for both machines and staff.

The BOApod is a mobile Hose Repair and Maintenance Facility that enables hoses to be assembled following the same principles used in the original factory. The key benefits are immediate hose replacement, significantly improved hose life and increased machine & staff uptime.

Side one houses the purpose built parts drawers, workbench, an air compressor, slider mounted crimper, slide out vice and storage space.

Through careful planning, design and a wealth of knowledge from their customers, BOA considered all elements when it came to the model and construction of this mobile facility that houses the German precision Crimping and Cutting machinery. The tough and robust construction is built to handle off-road conditions, combined with dustproof and sterile materials to reduce hose contamination. The BOA pod is easy to use with additional safety elements such as low voltage machinery, lighting, lockable compartments and all designed to be at an ideal safe working height.

BOA’s commitment to best practice and understanding the industry frustrations led to design features such as an easy hose handling system, a lightweight plastic molded body & aluminum internals for a quality finish and ample storage in recognition of the isolated environments some customers work in. This storage allocation also meets another of BOA’s commitments which is ‘zero contamination to the environment’, giving space for used hoses to be collected from site.

There has been no compromise on quality to any part of this innovation including the European torsion suspension & braking system on the trailer, which customers can rely on no mater what the terrain.

Side 2 houses BOA’s innovative hose management system and slide mounted hose cut-off saw.

To complement this repair and maintenance facility BOA knows the importance of quality hose and fittings and has partnered with Yokohama to be the key New Zealand Distributor.  This partnership recognizes the need of BOA’s customers for hoses that perform under constant pressure in extreme circumstances like forestry, and the importance of reliability & trust.

Whilst the BOApod is an innovation in design it is also an innovation in RETHINKing the way businesses approach their time management. The ability to have a system wherever you are, no mater how remote and the efficiency to keep the business going, means there is no reason not to RESTART your staff and machines in a very short space of time.

BOA will be at Harvesttech in June 2019 with the BOApod on site, so pop in for a chat to see this and future innovations.  

Experience the BOApod!