Unsurpassed quality with YOKOHAMA, a perfect partner for BOA

BOA Directors, Simon and Greg Boakes, visit one of Yokohama’s facilities in Japan.

YOKOHAMA is a company with not only a long life in business, operating since 1917, but also in producing top quality hydraulic hoses with a reputation for “Long life and durability”.

This reputation is something YOKOHAMA has always prided themselves on with the confidence to produce the best hoses in the businesses. The quality and detail can be seen in the method they use to produce such a superior product, the process of weaving the wire with perfect angles and the quality of rubber is what sets YOKOHAMA apart from others in the market.

As the key partners of YOKOHAMA in New Zealand, it’s important to BOA that our customers who work with high-pressure hoses in high-pressure environments, have a product that is superior in performance and service life.

Graph superior flexibility yokohama

The following 6 benefits highlight the quality of the Yokohama product:

  • Half the Bend Radius – Bend radius is half of the conventional spiral hoses type SAE, giving you greater flexibility and ease of use.
  • Smaller O.D. – Enables you to fit more hose in tight quarters, or jump up a hose size for better flow.
  • Impulse Test Performance – Superior performance & service life.
  • Constant Pressure – Made to ISO 18752 specifications, and provides constant pressure performance across all sizes.
  • High Abrasion Resistance – Delivers long dependable service life in rigorous installations.
  • Lighter Hose – Weighs 25% less than conventional spiral hoses, so is easier to handle and install.

YOKOHAMA’s representative to New Zealand, Darren Seah, recently visited the BOA offices and reinforced the message of the superior flexibility of the YOKOHAMA hydraulic hose. He explained that because the hose located between the boom and the dipper arm moves constantly, superior flexibility would ensure an extended life on excavators and similar equipment.

YOKOHAMA representative, Darren Seah, speaks to the BOA team.

Here at BOA we believe that in giving our customers the best product they will see the best results. Our customers are already giving us positive feedback like the following message from a logging customer in the Central North Island, “The drive motor hoses on our processors, are now lasting twice the time, since we have started using YOKOHAMA hydraulic hose and BOA fittings”; Another large Northland customer told us “Since setting up with BOA and using the YOKOHAMA product, we are now getting 2 to 3 times the hose life, on our grapple hoses.”

It is also important for our customers to have confidence in the product they are using on their very expensive assets, so understanding the testing method used by YOKOHAMA is key to that confidence.

YOKOHAMA hoses are tested using the rigorous Hitachi and Komatsu spike testing method. This method uses a higher-pressure cycle than normal SAE testing, at 1.2 million impulses compared with average SAE testing of 400,000-500,000 impulses. This is illustrated below:

Peak wave vs square wave

Have confidence in the YOKOHAMA product and this partnership with BOA and talk to one of the team today 0800 20 20 20 for all your Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings needs.