What the Industry is Saying

At BOA we are committed to understanding the needs and concerns within the industries that we focus on, Forestry, Civil, Agricultural, Marine and Engineering.

Where possible we like to attend industry events not only to introduce more people to the BOA solution but to also touch base with those in the field in a neutral and relaxed environment.

Oscar, Greg, Duncan and Simon at the FICA event

The latest was the Forestry Industry Safety Council event put on by FICA (Forestry Industry Contractor Association) held in Christchurch in March.

This two-day event discussed the different safety elements and concerns within the Forestry industry and also gave Forestry Managers, Owners and Crew a chance to catch up. Trade stands were also there as part of the event and BOA was lucky enough to have our stand and staff there to talk through the BOA offering.

The BOA staff had a great opportunity to meet a lot of members and hear about the highlights and low lights facing their industry today.

Many they spoke to said they find getting, retaining and training crew one of the biggest issues and were keen to understand what BOA could offer in terms of training their staff to use the BOA Hydraulic cutting and crimping machines.

There was also a consistent message of having to manage “Downtime” and how they look for ways to mitigate time off the machines, or staff waiting for repairers.

These further insights gave staff here at BOA the confidence that we have a product that can help “Turn Wasted Time into Profit”.

Our goal is to give businesses back control and autonomy of running all aspects of their day-to-day operations. We believe we can support this through upskilling their staff in hydraulic hose repair and maintenance – and in turn eliminate downtime.

We look forward to attending many of the events across all our target industries, and welcome the insights and feedback into what the pain points are with downtime and potentially how the BOA solution could help industry members. If you want to know more about the BOA Hydraulics Repair and Maintenance solution call us on 0800 20 20 20 or email [email protected]

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