Founded in 1917, over the past century Yokohama has accumulated the technologies that have led to the creation of high-performance tires for every vehicle category, from compact cars to sports cars, high-powered sedans, and large construction equipment.

“Yokohama now do business in more than 120 countries and employ over 24,000 people around the globe, applying their wide range of superior technologies to fields other than tire manufacturing”

Yokohama products are well known to wide range of industries based on long-term history of quality and communication. Industries such as automotive, aircraft and construction machinery use Yokohama products globally, even under the very severe conditions.

Quality tried and proven over 100 years and subjected to the severest and most extreme testing in the market, Yokohama hoses exceed the stringent requirement of global excavator giants KOMATSU, HITACHI, KOBELCO and more.

BOA is about increasing #hydraulic_uptime for our customers, especially forestry and civil contractors. We are pleased to partner with Yokohama to help us deliver our goal through its quality, longevity and flexibility.

All Yokohama hose is manufactured to strict standards and has been tested to exceed the peak wave test method to more than 1.2million impulse cycles.

This simulates the hammering conditions and harsh environments that the machines are often used in.

That is way beyond many of the leading hose brands found in our markets today, which are usually tested to the square wave method.